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Xpurge® DPF Cleaning Technology
Veritex® DPF Inspection Technology

Ceramex has more than 15 years’ experience of cleaning DPFs and has cleaned more than 100,000 filters.  During this time, Ceramex has completed an extensive assessment of various alternative approaches to filter cleaning culminating in the development of a unique cleaning system known as Xpurge®. 


The patented Xpurge process cleans filters more effectively than conventional air jet machines and ovens in a fraction of the time.  

The Xpurge process reduces the costs of DPF ownership by delivering:

  • Outstanding cleaning performance, resulting in longer intervals between cleaning and improved fuel consumption

  • Fewer filter failures and fewer expensive replacements

Using our Veritex DPF Inspection technology, we can verify the condition of a filter after it is cleaned, providing reassurance that it will perform as effectively as a new filter.

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