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About Us

In the competitive global marketplace, Experience & Networking Make Difference toward business success.


Leveraging +30 years of business experience backed-up by extensive technical capabilities, HC Global Ltd. offers a full International Business Development, Marketing and Sales Support Service. We represent in Israel offshore companies and provide comprehensive support to their local business activity.


Our Global Business Support activity includes:

  • Establish Global Links between Technologies / Solutions and Market Needs / Requirements

  • Prepare Market Analysis

  • Prepare and carry-out "hand-on" Marketing Strategies & Plans

  • Map New Leads

  • Establish & manage New Contacts

  • Support Contracting & Sales

  • Prepare & carry-out Local Production Plans

  • Prepare Local Partners Analysis and support Partner Selection

  • Prepare and carry-out Offset Obligations Compliance Plans

  • Coach Marketing Personnel for the specific marketing missions


We provide in Israel Technically Oriented Representation & Business Support to offshore hi-tech companies:

  • Prepare Market Analysis and Marketing Plans

  • Serve as Marketing & Sales Representation / Agency

  • Provide After-Market Service and Customer Support

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